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Mrs.Deepa Shah

They have every facility to teach cooking.


Learning cooking is good experiance for me in culinariaz.


After having training from this institute i am working as a  chef in 5 star hotels.


Teachers in institute are Helpful & cooperative.

About Culianriaz Classes

About Culianriaz Classes. Cooking & Baking is an art, a culinary art as one might say. And it's not that easy to master the sweet and savoury art of baking without proper guidance. The mastery does not only include secrets of recipes and processes, but also detailed techniques from mixing the batter properly to setting down the icing. In Creme Caramel we offer extensive courses on bakery and confectionery through hands on experience and professional training. Whether you want a short and compact course in the basic level or an advanced one, we have both for you. Also these courses are suitable for everyone from a home baker to an entrepreneur. The basic course is only 5 days long for each of the following categories: Cakes and Icing, Desserts. It is fit for working people,Breads, Chocolates, Cookies and Dry Cakes, amateur bakers, home bakers or hobbyists and others to get to know this art well. These courses are also good to extend your knowledge on baking and its techniques and tricks.

School of Cooking & Baking

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